Why Hire a Makeup Artist?

August 31, 2016

You are in the midst of an event planning frenzy and you have most of the initial vendors in place. Venue - booked. Music - booked. Officiant - booked. Photographer/Video - booked. Then you focus on details. The dress. The tux. Bridal party attire. Invitations. Centerpieces. Flowers. Guest Book. Favors. Menu. Cake. Shoes. Rings. Ring pillows. Signs. Calligraphy. Colors. Seating. Accessories like cake cutters and champagne glasses and earrings. Hair. Hair accessories. Nails? Some of you even assign a nail color. But do you really need a makeup artist?

No. You don't. But you didn't NEED the fancy sign in pen or the vinyl "I do" stickers on your shoes either. Or really any of it; except an officiant. You could have gone to town hall for that and saved a ton of money.

But you're not! You're having a big celebration because you are marrying your best friend and this is one of the happiest moments of your life and it should be celebrated and documented like no other! You want to enjoy it and make memories that are going to last a LIFETIME...and beyond. Which is great! You hired everyone you thought necessary to make the day turn out perfectly and professionally and beautifully. Makeup is a part of that.

NOT because you aren't beautiful. You are. Obviously! It's because *professional* makeup artists, like hair stylists, like photographers, like florists... will make your life easier and they have invested in education and professional products that will help the makeup LAST and look great with those curls or that updo, in that photo, or with your eyes overlooking your bouquet.

You can probably do your own makeup. You can do your research and watch those YouTube videos and go to a makeup counter and spend a ton of money on products that are supposed to last all night. I went down that road before I invested in education (right after my wedding) and assisted some amazing artists and do you know what happened? I ended up spending more time then I needed to obsessing over the perfect foundation and by the time I thought I found it I probably spent the same amount or more then the actual artist I booked. You book your other vendors because they know best. They know what works. They have the tools needed. Why wouldn't you do the same for the finishing touch to your look? It's so worth it.

You have enough to think about on your wedding day. If you are having a big party, all you should do is get up, be pampered, go get married and have fun! Don't try to get your eyeliner just right and do it yourself. Anything you're stressing about in the back of your mind or any slight annoyance you have is going to come out in your eyeliner. I promise. Even if you're pretty darn good at it. Let someone else take the wheel. For most of us, it's one of the very few days we can justify it anyway!