Ulta Night with Nexxus!

August 30, 2013

OK! I had some posts in my blog before the redesign of my website and have been slacking on getting it up and running again. I figured that writing about last night's event would be the perfect reason to get myself back in the groove! So, here it is:

I had the amazing opportunity to work as the makeup artist for the local Ulta's "Night Out with Nexxus" event! I got to meet some great people and give some girls and ladies a quick, natural, and pretty look to wear out for the night using Ulta makeup products! To top it off, I got to head home with a cupcake, free Ulta brand makeup, and some other goodies.

Now, I have always passed over store brand makeup lines like Ulta's when shopping. I wouldn't say I'm a makeup snob as I have numerous drug store products that I love. I guess I just never had an interest in Ulta's makeup brand... So being able to work with their products last night (and take them home to play with!) was a great opportunity to try them out and write about them.

I'm impressed! For day-to-day natural-looking makeup, the products are absolute candidates and should not be disregarded! The Gel eyeliner pencil was a dream to apply. The color glided on effortlessly and I'm at four hours with no smudges. The mascara works. I have long lashes to begin with and it brought them out nicely. I didn't notice any clumping. The eyeshadow colors are pretty; however, you need the primer to get them to come out enough to be noticed and last (they are not heavily pigmented). As long as you use the primer (which I actually like a lot), you should be able to get a light look, perfect for daytime.

I also utilized the baked bronzer and cheek color (I don't have any specific color names on hand I'm sorry!). The baked bronzer gives a pretty iridescent glow to my pale skin and the cheek color is just enough pigment for a slightly rosy look! Again, I'm at four hours and all the color has held up nicely.

I did not use the BB Cream on myself (I have a feeling the light shade is too yellow for my skin), but I did get to use it on the lovely ladies last night and it really evened out their skin nicely and gave a soft, natural-looking glow to everyone's skin. If the color matches your skin, I would give it a try.

The LIP CRAYONS have earned a permanent position in my own makeup bag. They are gorgeous, creamy, light—and ladies, they LAST. I have had my coffee, water, and breakfast, and I still have a good amount of color on my lips!

I have uploaded a picture below of my natural Ulta beauty look and a fun shot from the Nexxus event!