Hello Again! Here’s my new go to routine!

February 11, 2016

I haven't posted in awhile! That's because I've been busy. (Which I suppose is a great thing!) The busiest time has been this past year where I've been busy being a MOM. What a life changer. One thing I absolutely cannot do is spend a lot of time on myself getting ready. So to say hello and restart my blog/business, I am going to share my new daily routine with you! These are not products I recommend for a special event; but, for everyday use they have done well by me!

Before I get started, I'd like to ask all the mom judges to please either move on or realize that I have included steps that don't necessarily happen everyday as I realize many people that may read this post are able to spend that extra moment on themselves.... OK here we go:

First I wash my face with CERAVE face wash.
After my face is dry I quickly smear a serum with vitamin c and hyaluronic acid. (Link to follow)
I use an acne fighter in places I tend to break out quickly after that. (Paula's choice benzoyl peroxide works for me)
I like to remember an eye primer dotted under my eyes while that is all soaking in. (Mary kay age fighting)
Then I put on Cerave Moisturizer.

On a good day, I remember a primer with sunscreen. That would happen now.

On an average day if I have time and feel I need it...I apply a concealor. (Smash box high definition concealer.)

On a normal day I move right on to my foundation..which happens to be a mineral powder. ALIMA PURE SATIN MATTE FOUNDATION. I have to buy it online. It's the only one that has a good match to my excruciatingly pale skin. Find it here ----> www.alimapure.com

Then I will usually end it at Mascara. I have a little obsession here so I won't lie and say I use the same one every day. A cheap, very good go to mascara is Loreal telescopic. Black.

On a great day where let's pretend I'm caught up around the house (HAHAHA) and my daughter is napping (HAHA) I like to put a liquid foundation on and then just lightly dust the mineral powder on over. The current foundation I have run to on these rare day(s) has been Covergirl ready,set, gorgeous in #105. If you can afford spending more. I suggest you find your match in Temptu's s/b liquid foundation. You will be so happy.

Moving on, a dust of either blush or bronzer. OR both on those rare days. I currently use Mary Kay blush and physicians formula bronzer. The colors change frequently.

I usually leave my lips bare or use Aquaphor on them (it's not just for the baby bum!) because I kiss my daughter too much. If I'm going out I will put on either a gloss or a lipstick depending on how I am feeling. My favorite ones to grab as of late are Youngblood lipgloss or Mary Kay lipstick.

When I get a chance for eyeliner I either use an angle brush with a dark eyeliner or grab my new favorite gel eyeliner pencil by Marc Jacobs. Got that in my birthday present from Sephora.

That's it! It sounds like a lot. But if I did a youtube video I promise you'd see it doesn't take long at all. But I do not do youtube videos. Because that's not my thing. I'm still trying to blog. (#trueconfession I do watch them.)

Signing off until next time! Which will hopefully be no later then a week from now 🙂